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Small prototype entry for the 2018 GMTK game jam. The theme was GENRE without MECHANIC but we were encouraged to be loose with our definitions and have fun, so I present to you...

CO-OP without FRIENDS!

Younger Brother Simulator is a short platformer that brings you back to your childhood memories of wishing your older brother would play games with you. You mastered the art of using two controllers to get through levels that required cooperation. Now you can just throw the second player around!

Controls: A/D or Left/Right arrow keys to move left and right, Space to jump, W to pick up or put down the other player. I ran out of time for a proper pickup mechanic so feel free to hit W from anywhere on the map and teleport the second player above you. Release while standing will simply place the second player down, releasing while jumping will throw the second player.

Install instructions

Standard Unity player executable, just unzip and launch the GMTK2018.exe file. Smaller windowed resolutions will look better (1280x720 looks pretty nice).


poodleslayer_GMTK2018.zip 14 MB

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